Our experienced and dedicated team will ensure that your lost bags are traced, Customs cleared and returned to you fast.

Lost baggage departing from BHX?

We are unable to trace bags which have failed to make flights from Birmingham as we are contracted to trace missing bags from flights arriving into Birmingham only.

Any bags which have missed flights from Birmingham will be re-flighted on the next available flight or re routed to your destination airport on a next best available routing. All these airports as well as airlines are pre advised of the re-flighting and can inform you accordingly. Baggage tracing works on the basis you are informed and kept up to date by the airport you arrived into. As we are unable to inform you about missing bags departing from Birmingham, it Is important you keep in contact with the Baggage Office at the airport you arrived at, your local representative if you are on a package holiday or failing this, the Customer Services Department or the Baggage Team at the airline you flew with.

Lost Baggage Tracing

We understand that this is inconvenient for you. Please be assured that we will do all possible to assist you through this experience.

If you have registered a luggage item missing with us, we will be searching for your baggage with the help of the WorldTracer worldwide baggage tracing system.

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World Tracer

Baggage Delivery

If your luggage has been found, we can provide you with an up to date status on your luggage delivery.

Please note that any delivery times displayed are estimated. Please allow 2 hours either side of the estimated delivery time for your luggage to be delivered.

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