Our highly experienced team aims to trace your luggage and get a positive outcome for you.

If you have registered a luggage item missing with us, we will be searching for your baggage with the help of the worldwide baggage tracing system to which several hundred airlines and baggage offices including ourselves are subscribed to. You can check on the progress of your baggage tracing online by means of the reference number. You will find this reference number (e.g. BHXEK12345) on the written confirmation you received when you reported your missing baggage at the airport counter.

Enter your FILE REFERENCE NUMBER such as BHXEK12345 followed by the SURNAME you made the missing report under.

Our Baggage offices are located inside both arrivals hall at Birmingham Airport and we are the first point of contact for passengers when they experience lost, delayed or damaged luggage. Our offices
are manned 17 hours a day, 364 days a year.

Our vastly experienced team is trained to deal with customers in an efficient and courteous manner, aiming to turn a negative and stressful situation into positive outcome for the customer. We do experience very busy periods due to weather or strikes, so please be patient if you are trying to contact us. We are unable to give any further information over and above what is contained in the online information as it provides you with same information we see.

Once your baggage has been retrieved, we will arrange for it to be cleared through HM Customs and delivered to the address you have given us. Your luggage will be delivered by a courier company appointed by the airline which could also be Arvin Aviation. If it is by us, please see our Baggage Delivery page where you will be able to obtain a delivery status and time.